We are an open collaboration between Australian Muslim startups, entrepreneurs and investors.

We exist within the startup and business ecosystem, seeking to open up opportunities to build and grow great enterprises.

Our aim is to connect Australian Muslim startups, entrepreneurs and investors, as well as creatives and professionals, to facilitate collaboration, joint ventures, investment and other mutually beneficial endeavours.

Whether you are a startup founder, entrepreneur, investor or simply someone who wants to learn more, meca collective has a host of events lined up for you. To hear more about our programs and upcoming events, join meca collective!

Business Workshops

Learn more about starting and expanding a business from other Muslims in the community!

Showcasing Events

Find out about exciting Muslim businesses, learn from their experiences, and connect!

Pitch Nights

Present your startup or your business development vision to Muslim investors in the community!

Interested? Join & Collaborate!

Membership is free and collaboration is welcomed.

Our Five Principles


to facilitate open collaboration among Australian Muslim startups, entrepreneurs and investors.


to engage with the Muslim community through valuable and creative initiatives.


to build knowledge, connections and pathways for entrepreneurship and investment.


to inspire Muslim engagement in entrepreneurship and investment within the community.


to uphold Islamic values and business ethics in entrepreneurship and investment.